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This is the opportunity for savvy business owners, dignitaries, and non-profit groups to feature a special individual and to build valuable authority and trust in their space in 2023. Every time we open applications for this opportunity, they flood in, so you don’t want to miss out!

If you are chosen for this featured advertorial in our magazine

  • You are the cover story
  • You’ll build celebrity, authority, and trust with new and existing clients.
  • We will arrange for photography and work on your interview.
  • Useful, must-read articles will surround your article.
  • You’ll receive a framed wall plaque to hang in your office.
  • You’ll receive print and digital versions that you can use in your marketing.

Fill out your confidential information, and submit it to our publisher for consideration. There are only 12 opportunities per year. Don’t miss your opportunity.

All advertorials are paid features in Parsippany Focus Magazine, and subject to editorial policies.